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  1. Hurst production has been 🗑️ Ryan doesn't look for him dropped him for Kmet, Mitch likes to target TE and Kmet has been a good route runner getting open. Let's gooo
  2. Hard to bench Bobby 🎄🎄🎄 but I have Thomas Jefferson and Diontae ahead of him this week
  3. Is the matchup a problem tonight? I like the looks Bobby are getting even when Goff is spreading it out to 3-4 different receivers
  4. Hasty looked serviceable last week [...] starting him if Coleman is out doesn't seem like bad idea
  5. Starting today thinking maybe Mattison isn't as effective running the ball and Cousins looks Jefferson's way more than last week, 🤞
  6. Leaning Lindsey over Harris, let's goo..hoping for pass catching work
  7. Great handcuff with amazing upside if volume is there
  8. Sat Dak Thursday for Wentz with a better matchup but I just got Fitz off waivers against a Jets secondary missing a S and possibly a CB hoping for FitzMAGIC and not FitzTRAGIC 😅😅😅
  9. Ideal situation for DWill I want to see how he's used and keep him on bench but I'm close to putting him in for DMont eitherway let's gooo DWill
  10. Same here Juju is a great player just horrible situation for him at QB I'll probably start him next week but this week AJ looks like the guy that's gonna get more volume from a better QB and going against worse defense
  11. I'm thinking of replacing Dede with the Mc but I also have Thompson in at RB don't wanna over do it
  12. Pretty solid squad I think Goodwin could have a great season if healthy
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