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  1. Probably, and he should be out of the league by Monday imo. He's intentionally tried to hurt people too many times.
  2. Well no s--- he wasn't going to sustain almost 6 ypc no one ever anywhere would have expected that... On the flip side he isn't going to sustain 1.9 ypc either.
  3. Position scarcity. Same reason I'd say he was still probably worth round 4 or so. He's not lighting it up but he's not dropping goose eggs in your line up like half your league in a 12 man.
  4. On the flip side imagine it's preseason and someone tells you your player just switched teams and has had 5 days to practice with them.
  5. Rain delay? They make people play when it's negative 20 ******** degrees in my neck of the woods. What is this?!
  6. I feel like most QB's will have a rank 32 of some sort when they play the bears this season. They are just scary.
  7. Just need Winston to stop killing drives.
  8. Take the wins while you can, it's not a long season every win counts in fantasy. I remember people questioning the same thing about James Connor last season. Best just to hold on and see how the ride plays out.
  9. I was gonna say this. Having a new coach and offensive scheme and then not playing a single snap during preseason and then playing against one of the best defenses the NFL has seen in a while all contributed to this. It sucks, but s--- happens in fantasy football.
  10. Had this discussion with my fellow green Bay natives during our draft this last weekend. It was a pretty split room. Basically it's a coin flip, take the one thats cheaper and hope for the best. Depending on the league just hold onto both through the Thursday game when the picture should be more clear.
  11. This is like the same thing he's always done isn't it? Blow up once in a blue moon and stink it up the vast majority of the time.
  12. Did that many people drop him after the trade? I could have seen dropping him before the trade because he was sucking but if you held on this long dropping him before you saw one game seems foolish.
  13. I don't think he is a franchise QB he's been mediocre at best as a starter and his off the field antics and leadership are just embarrassing to the bucs.
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