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  1. Couldn't hit water if he fell out of a boat.
  2. He’d want to be concussed if he misses time with a nose contusion.
  3. Oladipo 4 game week, one back-to-back so likely to sit one. Minute restriction and shooting horribly to start. Or J. Harris 3 game week. 6 3’s last game but he has been inconsistent. Head to Head, standard 9 categories. Weekly lineups.
  4. Weekly lineup, I’ve just picked up Draymond Green off the waiver wire. It’s start him and his 3 game week (zero back to backs) but could have random rest/injuries. Or TJ Warren on a 2 game week. Leaning towards big Dray.
  5. Half Spicy P is probably simmering at 3 out of 5 chilli’s.
  6. Ironman if he can play tomorrow. Fingers crossed.
  7. I know this is the Napier thread, but forgive me for thinking of Shabazz Muhammad when I first read your post. 😆
  8. Who knows? I would love to find out before my weekly team is locked out.
  9. I hear ya. But I’m definitely not selling without getting some value coming back. To be honest if he comes back and kills it today all is probably forgotten. It’s mostly the GTD and Q tags that have me even contemplating dealing him.
  10. What did you get, if you don’t mind me asking?
  11. I really don’t want to sell Beal, but if every back to back he’s a chance to sit 1 or both I can’t deal with him. This week he has a 4 game week and none are back to back. So if he can play all of them I keep him. If he can’t I may have to deal him. What are other owners thinking? Also I don’t get the shut down risk as the are already horrendous with him.
  12. To be honest it wasn’t that hard to decipher if you know your ball players.
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