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  1. McCoy probably mailed it in with Buffalo last year. Already a brutal situation to begin with let alone if he's not giving 100%. Regardless of touches, snaps etc. McCoy doesn't looked washed up at all. Still looks like he has some of that Shady magic.
  2. And that's the Steelers .. who don't have the GOAT coach. The Patriots are going to take advantage of all there weapons. Not run anybody into the ground before the superbowl. Still run the ball, and get White/Sony some catches. Brown will be the only safe/consistent choice because there's zero chance they sign him if they aren't planning on keeping him happy. They know he's a diva, and we all know he'll get the most targets. I think the remaining targets will be a weekly/matchup thing. Sometimes Edelman will pop, others Gordon will, other times it'll be most about getting the RB's the ball. Ja
  3. Edelman takes the biggest hit. Everyone besides Brown gets downgraded but Edelman has superbowl rings, no ego, and a great relationship with Brady. He'll be the first guy willing to take one for guy the team to get better and wait for his moment in the playoffs. He'll still get his in the slot but targets aren't going to be there. Pats don't sign Brown unless they know they can give him what he wants. Brady/Pats get a top 3 WR, Brown gets what he wants. There's just not going to be enough targets/TD's for everyone. Brady isn't throwing for 50 again. Pats will still run the ball/get the R
  4. This is a huge blow to Gordon. Sucks. He's hurt the most by this, but I honestly think all the Pats weapons take a downtick. Even Brown himself. There going to spread that ball around and it's going to be so hard to predict. Anybody's guess. No chance they don't take advantage of all the weapons, and keep teams guessing week to week. Brown is probably the only safe choice of the WR's. Huge diva, one of the best WR's in the game, this move was made with Bill/Brady knowing he'd need the usage to keep his ego in check. If they couldn't provide that, doubtful the GOAT team takes this kinda r
  5. Michel had injury issues, Penny/Wilson got stuck behind better RB's, and M.Gordon is a good call all tho I do remember him also having some injury issues. If Jacobs struggles with his health than yeah there will be trouble. Lynch/Martin combined for 262 carries, 1099 yards, 7 TD's + 33 receptions, 200 yards. That's not taking into account Richard/Washington's 85 carries/68 receptions. Richard is still getting those looks IMO. If Jacobs stays healthy I just don't see how he doesn't get a crazy workload. Martin/Lynch were on there last legs last year. If Jacobs is good he'll be a RB1 IMO,
  6. I've never looked for myself but this would make sense. RB's have become pretty devalued around the league. 1st round picks are absolute massive investments. I imagine teams feel alot dumber whiffing on a RB in the 1st round rather than say a WR. Also add in that the earlier years of a RB back's career tend to be the most valuable and it just doesn't make sense to draft a RB in the 1st round if your not going to use them as a bellcow. Someone like Rashad Penny is a huge outlier. It takes the perfect storm like Pete Carroll, and a much better back on the roster. Investing a 1st round pick
  7. He had 8 carries in 4 games. Teams tend to use change of pace backs as the guys who aren't 3 down RB's and are different than there starting RB's. Like Carolina. You have your early down back and than your shifty change of pace guy. Carolina dressed there starting RB, and there change of pace back and when there starting RB went down they went to a guy that could handle 3 downs work. Dallas had a workhorse, and 2 backup RB's that can handle the load even if one is injury prone. Morris isn't a change of pace back, McFadden fits the role better. Morris is just a backup RB. The backu
  8. But Morris hasn't been playing. I think that's what people are missing. McFadden could have stayed fresh as the backup RB. He just would have got more reps with the O-Line, and been more ready. It makes sense for the Cowboys to have the RB they want to start if Elliot gets suspended dressed. Have him ready, no need to worry about injuries because you know Elliot is a bellcow that's doing all the work.
  9. Except Morris isn't a change of pace back at all. McFadden fits that role better. Morris is a bruiser. He's not fast. Doesn't catch out of the backfield. It's not like Carolina at all. Elliot is a true workhorse. The backup stays fresh no matter what. Morris has what like 8 carries all year? I'd get the keeping McFadden fresh excuse if the Cowboys backup was seeing 6-8 carries a game. McFadden would have been a better 3rd down RB/adds more versatility behind Elliot than Morris does yet Morris was the backup. Morris has been getting all the reps. McFadden will have some rust. IMO M
  10. This guy is going to be the pickup of the year in PPR/half PPR leagues IMO. He was so close to breaking that massive TD. His floor is going to be high every week to give you consistency but has big play potential. I'm surprised how much work he's getting on the ground. He saw 12 carries today with Howard seeing 20+. If Howard is killing it, playing poorly, his role is carved out no matter what. All this seems just like the start. Outside of the numbers he just looks like a special talent.
  11. It always depends on your league. I have a feeling there will be a guy that goes all in. WR's keep going down, there's just nobody in Chicago. I think worst case outside of an injury obviously is it becomes the poor man's version of the Falcons. Way less TD upside for there backs, but more work due to less talent surrounding them. A double headed monster where Cohen is a high upside flex, occasional RB2. Cohen is a top 2 offensive talent on a team with a great offensive line that will have lots of weeks playing from behind. He's going to get tons of targets, and some occasional carries.
  12. Normally I wouldn't even come close to biting on rookie TE hype. However I think people need to realize the league is different nowadays. It's a passing league. TE's are more involved in the passing game. Someone like Jimmy Graham was basically a WR in NOLA. Engram himself is incredibly unique given that he's basically a WR. I think his upside is extremely high. If NY doesn't make him block, and throws him out there to feed him with teams worrying about Marshall/OBJ than he could really feast. It's hard to know until we see how the Giants use him. If they want him blocking alot, t
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