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  1. glad i played him, if he had a competence qb his day would have been much better. open for a td and winston overthrows him
  2. I think him and edmunds going to be sharing the backfield with edmunds having better success running the back.
  3. We would be looking at around 15-20 points if he got the TD (holding call) and didn’t drop the ball. Damn.
  4. I’m predicting hunter to have the better day. With the ball spread around to ekeler/Williams and the others.
  5. This will be a theilen game, Slay on diggs.
  6. I’m starting him confidently, against Miami? Heck yeah.
  7. I firmly believe he will be taking a dip in production. I see maybe 3 productive games the rest of the season, at least in standard.
  8. I’m definitely planning to sell high.
  9. I have him in the starting lineup, feeling confident.
  10. I’m hoping the offense moves well enough to just get into field goal range all game. I’m feeling it!
  11. Don’t have much options so I gotta play him. I think he can have a good game.
  12. Having both players, gonna play it safe and have them on the bench to see how it plays out unless something pops up this week.
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