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  1. This is what I saved my waiver all year for
  2. Can be great for fantasy, but he is still easily one of the lowest bball IQ players in the league. Hurts my eyes watching him play.
  3. This guy was garbage last year - why is he a must own now?!
  4. Drafted: Embiid, Luka, Fox, Hield, Morant, Bledsoe, Whiteside, Ball, Warren, Millsap, Barnes, Prince, Howard Kept my top 8 (ending with Warren) besides trading Morant for Ingram Churned through the last 4 spots, although I wasted a roster spot hoarding Bagley for half the season after he was dropped.
  5. Wish I hadnt panic dropped, I need the steals...
  6. Thanks brotha...OG was just scooped anyways!
  7. Thx guys for saving me from asking Mario Lopez! Dropping Bazz for Norm right at midnight (since Norm is questionable for tomorrow)...
  8. Of course this would happen in his first start 😃
  9. Went through the same thought process and ended up deciding to drop him yesterday. Woke up today feeling amazing 😃
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