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  1. Bowden might be a lottery pick this week. Could also bust too. Safe bet here is prob Hines. Depends if you want to hit a home run or not.
  2. I'm in the same dilemma. Last time i started Gage think he had like 2 points. HELP US
  3. What do you think about starting Bowden over the both of them? Really considering it.
  4. Denzel Ward back on the browns too. Should be a boost.
  5. Cooper/Godwin is pretty much a coin toss lol. Brady has been spreading it around way too much. I'd go with Browns D here. Have a feeling Matty Ice is going to get hot vs Tom. help?
  6. I'd stick with Hopkins and Jefferson. I'm scare Ty will go back to his ways from earlier this season, or they will just run with JT all day. help?
  7. Gotta go Cooks for the potential big upside. That Pat's backfield is just so messy. help?
  8. Browns are in a top spot this week. Colt McCoy doesn't generate much offense. help?
  9. Seahawks is intriguing with the way Haskin's turns the ball over. Ravens D vs Jax is too juicy tho. help?
  10. Think i'd go with Kupp here. Amari vs Sherman, and Coutee has Hansen taking away looks. help?
  11. Think i'd roll out Hilton, since you already have 2 bears. Hilton historically goes off on the Texans. help?
  12. Gotta go Lockett here. You have a nice start so far with Diggs/Fant and Lockett has the safest floor. help?
  13. Gotta go Dobbins/Fournette for best upside. Freeman is back in NY and might steal touches back from Gallman. help?
  14. If Stafford is starting, i'd go Tannehill.. Otherwise i think they will just get a quick lead, and then run DHENRY 30 times. If Stafford isn't playing, go Brees. help?
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