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  1. Sorry for double post wanted to bump this.. Any other player people like at their adp?
  2. Josh James at 213 and Touki at 300 look like great back of the rotation guys with upside.
  3. Think this should be in the as.coach forums but Im not sure you have a clear drop for MB3. If anyone it would be rondae
  4. Luke is a solid number 3 , to say he is top 30 is definitely a reach. Cards should consider going to a 6 man rotation once Cmart comes back. This would be great for Reyes/Flaherty. Doubt they will and I bet they send Flaherty Back down.
  5. Considering dropping Kuhl for Heaney/Tropeano. Which of the three do you prefer?
  6. Drop bour for chapman and if cutch clears drop kier for him. Id also drop Faria for Kennedy.
  7. Agreed.. Was thinking of loading up on closers as well. Anyone else?
  8. Well said... I wouldn’t take kershaw at 3. The only two I would consider would be sale/scherz. Having said that I think sale would be the safest pick if I went that direction. Right now it’s between Nolan and Sale. If I go Sale I would be set up nicely to take two bats second/third time around. If I go Nolan I would go another bat than maybe mad bum or Thor.
  9. 12 Team points scored as so.. Who do you like at 3? Single 1 Point Win 10 Points Double 2 Points Save 7 Points Triple 3 Points Loss -5 Points Home Run 4 Points 1 Inning* 1 Point Run Batted In 1 Point Strike Out 1 Point Run Scored 1 Point Earned Run
  10. I like Santana also, with thames a close second. More Rbis from Carlos, more HRs from thames.
  11. I would keep Price, could see him coming back strong once he shakes off this injury.
  12. I would roll with Bauer here.. Higher upside. Porcello looks lost. GL
  13. Roto league.. AVG HR RBI R SB. Who would play this upcoming week? Leaning towards Devers, but Gallo has been hot. A little worried about Gallo tanking my AVG as well.
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