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  1. I wanted to ask what anyone would recommend for a place to host a best ball league. I know I was in one someone did a couple years ago and wanted to start one this year, but realized Yahoo (which I usually use) doesn't have option to create own league (they let join leagues, but want to actually invite people and set a draft time) and draft.com doesn't appear to let new sign ins. Any suggestions?
  2. Looks like figured out but basically agree
  3. We have Mack and Allen Robinson and were offered AJ Green and Mark Ingram. Any thoughts on the deal? Our team is in pretty decent shape overall so mostly a matter of which has more upside the rest of the season.
  4. Jones for Thielen would be fairly similar value if thats an option.
  5. Guess depends on how many keepers. I like to go pure ranking first couple rounds (something like this https://www.fantasypros.com/nfl/rankings/consensus-cheatsheets.php If could get someone higher than Jacobs would do 2, but him being in 40ish range would make me hestite (doesnt seem like 1st round quality). That said, have never been in league with lots of keepers so if 3-4 or more keepers maybe a good long term move.
  6. Would do option 2 over 1. Guessing only drafting rookies?
  7. Thank you. Any other thoughts. Will try to help in return.
  8. Have a keeper league I am in. Its full ppr. Basically have choice of keeping Kittle in 16th round or Conner in 10th. Both are really good options. Any thoughts?
  9. Week 15: Baltimore (vs. TB) or Minnesota (vs. Miami) Week 16: Tennessee (vs. Washington), Dallas (vs. TB), Cleveland (vs. Cin) or Minnesota (at Detroit)
  10. I would definitely make that trade. Am also looking at the value of Hunt
  11. Thanks guys. Still on thr fence, but still leaning a bit against I think. Any other thoughts
  12. Intial thoughts are no here, but I was offered Hunt and Jimmy Graham for Kelce and Hunter Henry. I typically start a running back in flex spot in this league. My other running backs are Freeman, Gordon, Drake, James White, and Jarvous Allen.
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