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  1. He has a terrible playoff schedule for me, would be it be stupid to move him?
  2. Has anyone won their league with Dame? What did your team look like?
  3. I have both Barber and Howard it's gonna suck because either one could have a good game just have to go with my gut. Unfortunately my gut said Barber would have a better game.
  4. if anyone backs out please email me justincns1@gmail.com Thanks
  5. Am I crazy to think he finishes top 5 this year being in the East and on a contract year?
  6. Dez hasn't had a thanksgiving touchdown since 2013. Just a fan fact.
  7. he will eat against the Giants next week. Disappointed I started Dougie Fresh over him but how could I expect Thompson to go down. Next week I am firing him up with confidence
  8. I sat Woods for Dez and lost by 1.8 points. Now I cant decide if I Should sit Woods for Dez again.
  9. Would you start Woods over Theilen? I hate starting players that play each other.
  10. That was a deciding factor for me too the fact you keep the Cuff. I would make the trade also.
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