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  1. I thought your take was on the money. He will get the targets and catches but 5/50 could be the norm. Most games without the TD. If nothing else Amari has suddenly become a solid floor play but we may not see the blowup games. At least the 1 catch games should be a thing of the past.
  2. And/or by quitting on the route while the pass is coming his way.
  3. Last season there were a couple weeks where Gronk sat and Allen started in his place (5 & 14). Allen totaled 2 catches for 10 yds including not even 1 target in week 5. Of course you never know what could happen, but be careful starting Allen.
  4. I think we have all been in denial in regards to Cooper. I have had him for three years in a keeper league and have come to the conclusion that it's just not gonna happen with this guy. Look at the video above where he gives up GIVES UP on the route. He is lazy and he drops too many passes (didn't he have another drop on Sunday?). We keep blaming Carr, but how can any QB trust Cooper when he is giving up on routes and dropping passes. The next time he goes deep, how can Carr trust him to complete the route? The INT happened because of Cooper and that was inexcusable. We wer
  5. Starting him today. Please don't aggravate the shoulder!
  6. For me, it's either him or Sanu and I am leaning Funchess (full PPR). I'm scared that Fun takes one good hit and is out for the day, but the matchup is so appealing today that I feel I have to start him. He could just be a decoy all day.... Sheesh!
  7. I didn't see the last game, but the report was that Riddick was in there for 30/40 snaps and was running very well (8/48) and possibly on his way to a 100 yard game. Then he fumbled near the end of the 1st half and was hardly seen after that. I'm assuming he injured his wrist on that fumble play. Since he is practicing in full this week, it looks like he is good to go so hopefully no worries there. He is clearly the best RB that the Lions have and gives them the best chance to win so I expect that as long as he is healthy he should be getting the majority of the snaps against the leaky Ben
  8. OMG Mark Ingram, I love you with all my heart!
  9. I am starting him in the flex this week. Obviously this is a tough matchup for him but I really believe that he will bounce back from last week. I am a big favorite in my matchup this week and will be happy if he can just post double figure points (1pt PPR).
  10. It says he was a full participant in practice. Wouldn't that mean that he has cleared the protocol?
  11. If he can get open today like last week, Carr will give him a chance. He just needs to hold on to the damn ball! Starting him today.
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