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  1. Given the state of the Ravens and the moved game to Sunday due to COVID, who is the better start? Lamar Jackson vs PIT or Derek Carr vs ATL Help???
  2. yep, that too! Without any real QB or healthy offense around him, how is he actually going to help anyone this fantasy season? Based on my league, he would only be good for Weeks 11 & 12, and then hopefully 1-3 weeks of fantasy playoffs (assuming I make it there). Seems like wishful thinking about dead weight, right?
  3. There's really no reason to drop Williams right now. He's too good of a cuff and the Jones situation is not exactly settled at the moment. If the Jones injury lingers, Williams is a top RB to have down the stretch, imo.
  4. At what point is it time to drop Deebo? 2 injuries + 1 Covid exposure + Full injury riddled team. Time is ticking on this season!
  5. Mooney is on the rise and this is a worthy hype train to follow, despite the QB. Perfect spot to buy-in low and watch him get better every week, imo.
  6. Can't sit Mahomes. Just can't do it, even for Tannehill. Sigh. We'll see what happens?
  7. I’m actually worried about Lock going off again. Confidence is a hellava drug! I have a deep feeling that this could be a “trap” and he balls out one more time.
  8. SEATTLE vs CAR (Aside from CMC they seem solid here?) or CHIEFS vs DEN (I feel like this is a trap?) whatchu thinkin’?
  9. I ended up going with the Colts vs TB. Don’t regret that decision in the slightest
  10. Having a really tough time with this decision for today’s afternoon games. Season on the line here, full point PPR league. Help? AJ Brown vs OAK or Mike Williams vs JAX
  11. Rank these for this week... Indy vs TB Jets vs MIA LAC vs JAX Need to pick one, as I decided to bench & ultimately drop CHI.
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