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  1. i think Jones as well.. thx for the help.
  2. I would have to bench Hunt out of the 3.. Please help on mine?
  3. OK.. Who do i start at the Flex spot out of these 3?? Full PPR.. Hollywood Brown CeeDee Lamb Mike Davis WHIR..
  4. I know he had a big game last night but whats do you guys see as a normal night from him?? 30-35 mins, 10-15pts and 8-12 rebs a game.. plus blocks.. Just curious..
  5. I am a Nuk owner too.. I snagged Fuller after waivers cleared after week 1.. I am growing tired of deciding which one to start each and every week from here on out.. Because whichever one i start the other will blowup on my bench.. I hope I can make a trade this week before the Minny game cuz I have a feeling both will be low valued after sunday..
  6. I know.. I own both Nuk and Fuller.. Nuk had 1fpt and Fuller 26fpts (on my bench).. Luckily L. Bell saved my week for me and I got the W.. God its so tough benching ur #1 pick.. I have other options.. see sig.. but MIN kinda scares me.. Especially with BO at QB.. ugghhh.. Could be UGLY!!
  7. SO.. are you guys rolling him out against that MIN defense this week at MIN??
  8. im hesitant to start him at my flex as I also have T-Benjamin (starter as of now) and r. Cobb that usually make up my flex spot based on matchups.. uggghhh my luck I start him and he drops a dud.. FYI.. I also own Nuk Hopkins and L. Fitz
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