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  1. Man, tough call. As a Duke owner, I would say no to him. I fear Texans Offense will shut down. Gurley is better option because Chargers D sucks.
  2. Davis has the better floor, probably lower ceiling. I’d go Davis simply because you can count on his involvement in the passing game
  3. Gordon and McKissic. Panthers D is soft. Mostert faces tough D, on the road, and his usage is not predictable thanks for your help with mine!
  4. 1pt PPR. Jefferson @ TB McLaurin @ Was Jefferson’s been on fire, but TB has a good D. McLaurin has his first stinker. Does he bounce back? WHIR!
  5. They just announced Cooks is our, so Coutee is lead dog for Texans. Gotta go with him
  6. Thanks for your help with mine. I would go with Coutee here. CEH does not catch enough balls, and his rushing is not enough to sustain without a TD. Coutee is also a gamble, but Houston can’t rush and will have to throw.
  7. Pittman. Lazard on a sap count, no reason to push him since GB will win that division. Colts fighting for a playoff spot, need to deliver big game = Pittman is your guy. thanks for your help with mine!
  8. Assuming he is active and expecting a full slate, I would go with Jacobs. help with mine?
  9. PPR? If so, I would definitely leave Andrews in the bench, Lamar has been wildly inconsistent. I would also consider moving CEH to the bench, moving Davis to RB, and playing Aiyuk at flex (assuming this is PPR, ignore that last bit otherwise). help with mine?
  10. Yes, I would go Jacobs over Hunt. Cleveland may lean on Chubb a lot, I think Jacobs would see more touches. help with mine?
  11. I’d go Cousins. He has the most elite weapons at his disposal and TB can score, so he will prob have to keep pace with them. Stafford would be my second choice If you have doubts about Kirk. help with mine?
  12. 12-team 1pt PPR. I wad screwed by David Johnson going on the COVID list. Now I have to play Gore/Ty Johnson (whichever starts) or I could pick up DeAndre Washington suddenly starting for Miami. Both decisions suck, but which one sucks less? leave your link, WHIR. Pray for me.
  13. Robinson is hard to sit, though he hasn’t been getting as many targets with Luton at QB. I like Hunt as your next choice thanks for your help with mine
  14. That IS a nice problem to have. I would def play Hill and Higgins. Third choice is harder... Jefferson is risky because could be a game where Vikings ride Cook and Cousins throws 20 times or less. Brown has a higher ceiling than JuJu, but Titans passing O has been suspect of late. So- JuJu for the safe play, Brown for the boom-bust. help with mine?
  15. Ballage and Gio are my picks. Duke still has to prove himself (burned me last week). Gurley is TD dependent and NO can be tough, though Atl may get some extra possessions due to crap Saints QB play. help with mine?
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