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  1. 100$ for the whole season. I just raised it to 8, with Hill going out in desperate for a WR spot
  2. Sorry thought it was 100 max for everyone. It’s $100 for the whole season
  3. First time doing auction waiver this year... i like Ross over McLaurin. I like Ross’ speed and explosiveness. And as bad as dalton might be, he’s a slinger. I bid $6 would you guys recommend more or less? Thank you
  4. The game flow + the pressure from the front7 of the bears. Fuller did a pretty impressive job on him. But you see get doubled even tripled team at times. IMO, don’t be worried, still will finish top 1-5.
  5. I wouldn’t recommend starting Shady week 1. Floor way too low, I think week 3 should be a good spot to pencil him into your line ups.
  6. I’m going to guess 348 Yards and 2 TDs. I’m expecting a high scoring game. Starting Big Ben over Lamar Jackson
  7. Loving McCoy, drafted him in both my leagues. Beautiful landing, literally best spot for McCoy. Andy Reid and Shady got some unfinished business to take care of. Shady thrived under Reid’s offense. McCoy still got it. He’ll be seeing less 8 man box leaving him plenty of space. I wont be starting him week 1. But once week 3 and on come. I’m firing him at the Flex/RB2 every week. He’ll Get his touches, I think only matter of time before he becomes #1. P.S Dexter guy definitely drafted Williams and is truly butt hurt about his 3rd round pick 😂😂
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