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  1. Is payment via League Safe? Send me invite heilig_phoenix@yahoo.com.br
  2. So, my supposedly FT% anchor has become Dwight Howard... Great for my punt FG% team -.-
  3. So... when is he getting C eligibility on ESPN?
  4. Shouldn't this guy be getting Center eligibility on ESPN leagues? I mean, he does play the majority of his minutes at the 5. How can I request that?
  5. Z-bo already missing games. LaVine and Jabari out for some months. Markieff missing some weeks. Alex Len did miss opening night. And there are some less relevant ones...
  6. I don't think any Covington owner who would accept that...
  7. Yeah, the problem there is that they have Brook at 5, who is not a good rebounder...
  8. Hey, Legend The league is set to private, so we can't see the settings. Can you make it public for viewing? Or send me invite to heilig_phoenix@yahoo.com.br
  9. Hey, Bryan! I'm interested in joining: heilig_phoenix@yahoo.com.br Do you collect via League Safe?
  10. Hello, I'm looking to join an ESPN Auction Categories League, paying via Leaguesafe. Send me invite to heilig_phoenix@yahoo.com.br
  11. Hey, Patrick Your title says the league is H2H 9-cat, but the league is setup as a points league format. Which one is wrong? If it's categories, I'd be willing to join heilig_phoenix@yahoo.com.br Don't invite me if you're keeping it points league.
  12. Hey, Justin! I'd be interested in taking over for team 3... shoot me an invite at heilig_phoenix@yahoo.com.br
  13. Hey, Hitman! I'm interested, send me an invite to heilig_phoenix@yahoo.com.br
  14. Hey, snroto! I'm interested, send me an invite heilig_phoenix@yahoo.com.br
  15. I'm saying that 2 weeks is too small of a sample size to draw any conclusions.
  16. Entire season? Yes, 'cause it's a hell of a big sample size...
  17. When I look at his stats, I think I've drafted Billy Hamilton.
  18. Stanton stinks though and is very overrated... drafted as a top40 guy, whereas Puig was basically a waiver grab
  19. Wow, that's really crazy! Any bets (no pun intended) on who's gonna break that streak? I'm betting Brad Brach in the Baltimore series later this week
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