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  1. My ratios are good so far, so I'm on the fence here lol But I can't win QS or W without some streaming this week...
  2. Anyone rolling him tomorrow against the Cubs?
  3. Anyone rolling him tomorrow against the Blue Jays?
  4. Yep, and that's why I don't draft SPs early either
  5. And he's perfect for my punt BA and SB team! Started off really well!
  6. Yeah, Schwarber leading off is such a waste of power... anyway, so is Baez... they don't have a true leadoff guy
  7. In points leagues you don't even have to look what the player does. Just check his total points and see if he's worth it or not.
  8. The hype is really high. Let's hope this guy produces at least half of some projections I've seen out there. He would still be a hell of a catcher.
  9. lol @ 49 mocks Yeah, you can always have faith your draft room will let him slip, but I'd personally have a backup plan for that!
  10. No way he's lasting till pick 9 though...
  11. I totally hear you. Sometimes a boring but decent player could help you more than a roll of the dice... I just prefer to go for upside at that point of the draft. If a lotto ticket doesn't pan out, I just go with another hot pick up. It's that I feel baseball is so dynamic, so there's always some good players showing up every year. Most of my keepers for this year were actually picked up from the waivers on previous years before they were for real, like Betts, Bryant, Springer, Turner (to be confirmed as "real") and so on. So this is my personal strategy (an
  12. No issue at all, I'm really enjoying your rankings and effort you put into this. I just see Happ as boring, like a player who won't be a difference-maker at all, so I wouldn't put too much time into an analysis of him, that's all.
  13. You guys really discussing Happ? I mean, it probably has more posts about him here than on his own thread (that is, if he has his own thread...)
  14. this might be getting too "bench-coachy", but i think if you're in a redraft league and you need the roster spot, you can feel ok with dropping him. Drop now? If someone held him so far, I don't think should drop him now that Super 2 is coming... It's not like it really delayed his call-up, he wasn't gonna be called before June anyway.
  15. There could be two kinds of platoon: Castro/Gattis at C Valbuena/White at 3B And DH whoever is better depending on matchups
  16. When is Super 2 deadline expected to be? Mid-May?
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