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  1. https://www.all22.com/dallas-cowboys/cowboys-practice-sheds-light-rb-will-start “In the portion of practice open to the media, McFadden took the first turns in individual drills,” Archer added, “but Morris took the first hand off from Dak Prescott.”
  2. Mckinnon for sure. They'll be chasing points all game, so Mckinnon will see a ton in the passing game, and always has a chance to break a long run. Jackson is an okay play because the WR that isn't covered by peterson usually does good (and he'll be on evans). So if you want safe go with Mckinnon, if you want big play opp go for Jackson
  3. Martin looks like the best player out the bunch, and he's already past his bye week. So if you could move either player for Dmart I'd do it. I'd start with Baldwin, then move along to dez if needed to get dmart
  4. I'd def start engram. The guy will get force fed targets all day long, and the broncos won't have their stud corners move down to cover a TE. you might have to wait a bit, but engram will be an amazing garbage time superstar this week.
  5. tate and reed is a good offer, but it'll suck for a few weeks. Maybe snag engram if he's available, guy should get a ton of targets, and by the time he hits his bye week, Reed should be back to full swing.
  6. In a standard league I'd do Pryor and Blount
  7. I would keep what you have. Like the dez side alot more
  8. I think I would go with Kamara and Funchess. While Fuller has been great, it's risky to count on TDs. That said it's prob a 50/50 chance he gets one as he's facing the browns, but since you're already starting Watson I'd diversify the lineup just to mitigate some risk. help with mine? http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/675215-howard-for-michael-thomas-whir-100/
  9. it somewhat depends on your roster construction. If you have okay depth at WR and not much at RB, then I'd do for sure. But if you're okay at RB and WR, then I would not because you wouldn't be upgrading a starting spot. hope that makes sense
  10. I would start Howard, Kamara, and Coleman. I see all these backs as a tier or two above Peterson and McGuire for this week. thanks for your help on mine.
  11. all depends who you can obtain via trade. it makes sense to do that if you can get one of: Bell, Zeke, Gurley, Hunt, Fornette. Otherwise I wouldn't move Gronk. help with mine? http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/675215-howard-for-michael-thomas-whir-100/
  12. I like the landry side regardless of who you have at QB - but if I'm reading this correctly, and you already have Brees...then it's the landry side by a mile. The fins will figure out there offense eventually and when they do, landry will be a valuable ppr asset (far more than a backup QB). help with mine?
  13. Not enough imo. You can try to offer that but I doubt it gets accepted. I would think it would take Blount + (Thielen or Fitz) on the low side, but more realistically something like CJA + Amendola. Doesn't hurt to send your initial offer tho if the McCoy owner is tilting. help with mine? http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/675215-howard-for-michael-thomas-whir-100/
  14. Gronk has much better TD potential - therefore his ceiling is much higher. Gronk side for me. help with mine? http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/675215-howard-for-michael-thomas-whir-100/
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