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  1. I'd go for it. It's rare to have a shot at a legit top 3 fantasy starter, and certainly not one as consistent as Brown.
  2. For me, no, but I have a bit of a bias as I've been burned too many times trying to predict the pats backfield week to week. Too much unpredictability and game plan shifts for my taste, and gilly''s full time gig is hardly secure.
  3. Do they need a TE? Could work Reed in. As it stands I wouldn't accept that trade either (I'm a Freeman owner). I would be open to moving Allen possibly if I were you but will be hardor to package with Jeffrey. http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/677989-start-baldwin-or-hill-whir/
  4. I would have pulled the trigger on this immediately before the Rogers injury, however now I agree that you may be able to get better value depending on your trade market than Adams. Still a net gain for you in your starting lineup so I would likely still pull the trigger given your RB depth, but maybe a sideways move at best value wise.
  5. Doug Baldwin @ NYG Tyreek Hill @ OAK 0.5ppr, 4pts for 40+ yd receptions Who would you start this week? WHIR
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