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  1. Jones is now officially inactive. Are we firing this guy up?
  2. 100% Mckinnon looked like warmed over sh** out there.
  3. Cleveland? They don’t need Bell at all.
  4. Joshua Kelley=Matt Asiata without any touchdowns.
  5. After all that money they blew on Gurley, this makes perfect sense. Keep it a committee so no one rises to the top.
  6. Love the Drake? I'd love it if they would just bench his sorry a** and start Edmonds.
  7. Are the fuc**** Broncos ever going to use Fant?
  8. Exactly. I’m losing the luxury of being able to sub players out.
  9. I’m in the same boat. If Diontae sits, i’m rolling him out.
  10. Not at all. When are you ever going to be comfortable starting him? You basically have Kordell Stewart 2.0 throwing him the ball.
  11. I’m starting him just so i can post in the vent thread after the game.
  12. yeah. I'm in a 12 teamer and i believe he would be grabbed the minute i dropped him. People tend to get impatient when a pick doesn't pay off right away.
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