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  1. Ohhhhhhh Lenny Clark !!! This is what I got from you through PM last night, lol

    So I couldnt make it out Little Ray...lol

    Your PM last night...lol

    Absoutley hannered rihjt now...

    I wnrt to see Lemmy Calrk earleir and tehn wnet to rhe Kowloom...My Ties are killin me...

    WOW!!! I was seeing double...thats all I can say!

  2. Well if you type if you did last night, we will never have to worry about you making an accurate pick up....due to drunk spelling...lol

    Kid you don't even know...I went to see Lenny Clark last night, and was rifling beers down there, then we hit the Kowloon bar after, and I was pounding Mai Tai's, at least 6 of them, and then we went to a bar in Malden, and I did 2 Jager Bombs, and killed at least another 8-10 beers. I was in rough shape; actualy, I still am in rough shape. I feel like someone is sticking an ice pick in my right eye. icon8.gif

  3. ....problem is everyone in this league is gonna be lighting fast on the pick ups...not like some Yahoo public where you can snag Accardo after he picks up his 7th save.

    Dood, I am on or around a computer all the time, and am usually up until 4 or 5 in the morning....I am the biggest FA sniper!

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