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  1. Was the Parker injury bad or just game over so no reason to use him
  2. This dude just had a 40 point game (and he’s been good consistently when he plays) and you’re trying to downplay it
  3. Why are you trying to downplay what chase has done? His snap count is consistently increasing each week and he has done nothing but perform. if you pump the breaks you’ll miss out on him
  4. Hope you have this guy on your bench, especially in a keeper/dynasty format. this dude has done nothing but make play after play. He’s done more with his limited time on the field than juju or Dionte. They have been raving about him since training camp. I think we are looking at the annual league winning player, similar to OBJ his rookie year
  5. If juju is out this week what would it do for clay pool. this dude seems like a stud. Makes catches a rookie shouldn’t be making and is FAST. Would claypool start if juju is not in the slot?
  6. It’s just frustrating when I lose 2 wr golladay and cortland before week 1 and then devante Parker halfway through the game. Then my other WR Marvin Jones, McLauren and dj Moore can’t even pull in a TD or 100+ yards. it’s frustrating man, week 1 but damn the usage of my WR was garbage
  7. “To determine the severity of the injury” is the concerning part. shoulder stingers usually go away pretty quick. Obviously there is something more concerning assuming the pain isn’t going away. Could be a 2 week thing if it’s minor or season long if it’s major
  8. Obviously concerning he needs MRI, but still hoping for good news. Obviously don’t think he’s suiting up this weekend
  9. If cortland is out look for Fanta role to increase in the offense....
  10. My bench wr are Parker, Marvin Jones, sterling shep and Parris cambell. bench rb are Tarik Cohen and breida. you think trading Parker for depth at RB and hunt would Be smart
  11. Regretting drafting this dude over DJ Moore and OBJ
  12. ive been burned by parker too many times. im goign diggs
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