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  1. I think I’ve got my mind made up but it’s the championship; gotta be sure! leave a link and WHIR. Thank you!
  2. I wouldn’t change a thing, though I am not crazy high on Boone and think Drake is a comparable play. thanks for all the insights on mine and congrats on your first championship final!
  3. Last week Baltimore seemed like the better play now that Dalton was back... totally whiffed on that one. This week they seem like even more obvious favorites vs CLE... but then again NE scored BIG vs Buffalo last time. Who do I start??
  4. I have a slight lead but am facing Fournette, Ekeler and Thomas so I might still get trounced. Gordon safest? Jacobs best ceiling, but what if he gets pulled or reinjured? Mostert looks so talented but who knows how they will use him.
  5. PPR league. Good options to have generally hit O have concerns about each: Jacobs: I was astonished he is going to play. They have nothing to play for, wouldn’t they want to rest him? Does that mean he’ll have limited involvement, or that there’s a large chance he takes a big hit and goes out?? Parker: Similar. Nothing to play for; in fact they have incentive to tank. Also, I don’t know enough about concussions—should I be worried he won’t be 100% since he’s back so soon? I think this is the first concussion I’ve seen all year that turned around in a week.
  6. Super tough; I have the same dilemma. I don't really think Parker plays; as mentioned above these days its very hard to turn around a concussion that fast. Brown is the definition of boom-or-bust, though trending in the right direction. If you think your opponent is favored overall then I think brown is a no-brainer over Bell. The tough spot (the one I'm in, probably you too) is what to do if you feel pretty solid and just don't want to blow it. I think Bell's floor is still pretty good at around 10 PPR points; but you could make the case that Laird's floor is not much lower if you'd like to h
  7. It’s a DEEP league and I was already in a bad state, but now with Ryan Griffin our these are my options: Fells (pray for a TD; he does have a lot) Njoku (Arizona is magic, but he looked BAD last week. Pray that the rust is gone now?) or stream someone like Brate, Hurst/Boyle, or Daniel Brown Its a half PPR league. Thanks!
  8. Not sure Bell is totally healthy after a short week, and I have to think mentally he's a little shut down for the year. Also has a terrible matchup at Baltimore. He has been reliable for about 15PPR points basically every week, but maybe this is the week that changes? Should I sit him for any of the following flex options: DeAndre Washington (I really doubt Jacobs plays and the matchup rocks, though maybe they mix in more Jalen and annoy me, and maybe Jacobs plays!) Zach Pascal (looked great since TY went out, good matchup, but small sample size) Courtland Sutton (Great
  9. Thanks guys. TBH I had totally forgotten that it was a short week for Baltimore, which makes me a little nervous. I buy into the theory that short weeks are worse for defenses than individual offensive players. But NE just has really not looked that great lately, and Andy Dalton protects the ball a lot better than Ryan Finley. I'm sure they'll still have a good game, but I think I'd rather see what Baltimore does to a Jets team with nothing to play for and a lousy offensive line.
  10. Frankly since Dalton has come back I sort of prefer Baltimore with the Jets. But I’m not sure.
  11. I just want to come back and say I am very glad you all talked me out of this.
  12. Buffalo for me as well, GB close second. Thanks for mine.
  13. Definitely Doyle; tough call but Sutton is my preference with all the other falcons back. thanks for mine!
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