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  1. Stop embellishing dude. You're just embarrassing yourself. No one is acting like he is another LeBron or Giannis or Doncic or Harden or Kawhi. He is Pascal Siakam and that in itself is incredible. Do you need to be told again this guys started playing (yes PLAYING) basketball only 10 years ago. Raptors "reached" for a largely unknown guy, that then started in the NBA in his rookie year, won the G-League and G-League finals MVP, then became #BenchMob hero, then became MVP and NBA champion, then became a legit #1 on his team and a worthy NBA All-star starter on one of the best teams in the leagu
  2. Guess Mai Boi spicey P is just too good for discussion these days!? Well either that or just the regular disrespect for him and the team north of the border 🤷🏾‍♀️... I mean the headline on ESPN is "Embiid scores zero in 101-96 loss"... No mention of the team that won, no mention of Embiid's father, Marc gasol, no mention of pascal siakam - the real MVP candidate on the court that night, the real all-Star that night (well along with FVV), The guy who came up clutch down the stretch on both ends and won the game through his own will... The guy that is top 10 season value an
  3. https://ftw.usatoday.com/2019/11/pascal-siakam-is-shattering-expectations-in-toronto-once-again
  4. Remember when they played the Magic a couple weeks back? Probably not because 'Merica don't watch Raptors despite being the champs. Vuce went 1/13 from the floor for 5pts...That's an all-star centre (who he destroyed in the playoffs too). Lets go through the other games. McGee 5/11 - 10pts; Okafor 3/3 - 6pts; Holmes 4/8 - 8pts; Lopez 4/11 - 11pts; Drummond 10/17 - 21pts (still -22 +/-); Carter 6/14 - 12pts; Theis 0/7 - 1pt; Favors 3/6 - 6pts. Those are pretty impressive defensive numbers - opponent starting centres have shot 32/90 - 35.6% from the field with Gasol averaging 27 mpg. H
  5. You don't watch many Raptors games do you? The raptors have the best interior defense in the league - guess who is key to that again? I mean did you watch the playoffs and finals? Marc Gasol, the guy that graciously released Nikola Vucevic, and Joel Embiid from his back pocket over the summer so as to give them a chance at rebuilding their careers. He IS the best defensive centre in the league, he showed that in the playoffs and finals (I mean he was hedging and controlling Steph Curry off picks - name another 7'0 centre that can do that). He showed that in the world championships. Sure his of
  6. Sounds like pretender talk... Champs just win 🏆💍
  7. Not sure the célti€s will put up with his lack of D enough to put up 20/10. Predict a time share with The Time Lord, theis and Kanter. Time lord is a good defender but really just a picknroll dunker, theis IMO is a good player and unrrated (he could actually break out this year), Kanter is what he is, that doesn't fit all that well with Stevens solid defensive teams. This I predict Kanter is more like an empty 15/8 on good efficiency... I'll freely admit I hate the fuking célti€s (even a little more than the lakers) and hoarder Dan definitely failed with what he had over the last 5
  8. Dam it! Now I know why I'm not on an NBA roster! Opportunity! Killed many a good NBA career, chalk me up as another statistic to that dastardly demon that is opportunity! Anyway, so the guy can beat up some punk in his back yard. Doesn't do a lot for my perspective of his hooping potential... can he steal, block, dime and board? But I guess it's good to know if $hit goes pear shaped in the Palace Dwayne will put his Bacon on the line... Ah $hit!! I made a food pun and they closed down the Palace...
  9. I used to be young and hungry once too...didn't help much with my NBA career though, now I'm just early middle-aged and a little less hungry since my metabolism is starting to slow. Got anything more substantial on how tasty Dwayne's Bacon actually is [alright that's my last food pun]? Projections/Weaknesses/strengths? Any insider workout scoops (apart from being "tight" with Bridges)? Seems like a decent shooter, but doesn't project that well in the counting stats esp. STOCKS.
  10. Gallinari has been in the league 11 years and played 549 games (avg 49.9 games per season). Lillard has been in the league 7 years and played 549 games (avg 78.4 games per season). Good luck OKC:
  11. Agree with this, a lot of players struggle a bit in their first season post ACL (a lot comes down to how quickly the turn-around is now IMO). Rubio: ACL in rookie year - 2nd season he saw a dip in dimes 3Pt% (29%🤮) everything else stayed about the same (when you'd expect a 2nd year player to improve). Jabari Parker: never the same, but he's torn the same ACL twice?! poor dude! It's reported that the post surgery ACL is stronger than the original ligament. Dinwiddie: Struggled in his rookie year and 2nd year (after late college ACL tear - and meniscus and MCL injuries at the same time - h
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