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  1. So, she took liberties and predicated an event that happens on a fairly regular bases (in perspective of world history), with information that can be found in scientific journals, other historical writings, has been done so by many other authors and Hollywood writers? Call me shocked. If I say that a virus will happen again in about 20 years that has very similar characteristics, patterns and point of origin then I’m some sort of median?
  2. 32 points total from JuJu and Mixon in standard scoring.
  3. Pie in the sky trade because of cap issues, but Howard for MG3 would be nice at this point.
  4. I think Jacksonville should be added. Just missed on top cap space teams. LF has injury history, they are committed to the run game, great defense and are striking distance of a Super Bowl run.
  5. Jacksonville might be a surprise team. LF is injury prone and they are committed to running.
  6. Yes and no. He’s a pull hitter and SD plays top 10 in LF homers (7th I believe). So, he goes from 32-35 to 28-30. Yes there is a drop but not like the sky is falling.
  7. Myles Straw should be on the radar. Likely to take an injury or two for significant playing time in the OF. Speed is his calling card.
  8. I see a poor mans Starling Marte. Not nearly as high an average, prone to streaks, great glove, speed and pop.
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