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  1. send invite stevemaida@gmail.com

  2. Hello, I’m looking for six more members to play some fantasy basketball. As the title states, this is a head to head league with 9 categories. Roster construction is as follows: PG, SG, SF, PF, C, 5 utility slots, 5 bench spots, and one IR slot. Payment is $30 and will be done through LeagueSafe. Payouts will be winner take all. Draft will be held at 10:00 PM EST tomorrow 12/21. Please PM me if interested.. Your spot is guaranteed once payment is made. Let me know if you have any questions.
  3. I am not giving up on James White just yet in PPR leagues. I don't know what the hell happened last week but it's clear the Pats Offense will have to rely on YAC yards for the rest of the season because they have nothing there downfield and White is easily the "shiftiest" player left on the roster now that Edelman is washed. Another game like last weekend though and he's done, but I think he will get his 6 to 8 catches like he usually does in competitive games.
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