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  1. Make a move or hold tight for now? Guess the real question is whether I can trust Fournette (or even Gibson) to step up as my RB2. QBs - Watson, Wentz, Minshew; RBs - Sanders, Fournette, Gibson, Thompson, Scott, Barkley; WRs - Julio, Ridley, OBJ, Cooks; TE - Engram Should be 2-0 after tonight, but it’s a lucky start (superflex league where scores have been pretty crazy).
  2. First year my league is adding a superflex, and I'm deciding between Dak and Sanders as my keeper (lose my 7th round pick for either). Dak is going higher in ECR superflex mocks, but I'm not sure the other guys in my league are going to appropriately value QBs (Lamar is being kept, but other than that it's looks like all the QBs will be on the board). I have the 2nd overall pick too - thinking Barkley unless someone can convince me that Mahomes is the play. Any thoughts? Thanks, WHIR.
  3. NO - as good as BAL has been, I feel like this could be one of those weeks where the Rams offense actually clicks and the game turns into a shootout.
  4. Absolute must win week in a 0.5 ppr league. QB - Rodgers or Dak; WR - 3 of OBJ, Kupp, Chark and Sutton; RB - Singletary or White? Thanks! WHIR.
  5. Jones and Henry are locks for me. As much as a love Chark, I think it’s a tough call at flex between him, Mixon and Lindsay if it’s a standard league.
  6. I’d hang onto both until we see what DJ does after their bye - there’s a chance they’ve just been resting him until he’s completely healthy (or at least that’s what I’m praying for). I don’t think you’re starting any of those FAs over Singletary so there’s no sense in panicking just yet.
  7. Tough call. Lamar would definitely help you make a run at it this year, but as far as keeper value goes, I’d probably prefer both Connor and Ekeler. Ultimately, I’d stay put. You’d be left really thin at RB trading either and a 12 team standard means it must be slim pickings on your WW. You can play the matchups well enough with your QB combo to have an elite option every week. At 10-1, I say just keep riding the wave.
  8. Now I’m curious - can you explain how it was determined to be collusion again? Maybe I’m missing something, but your explanation didn’t make sense to me.
  9. Who do you flex? Because I’d definitely want to start all 3.
  10. Would love to hear your explanation as to why this was a mistake?
  11. Needing just 2 points to win, should you trust a stud WR1 who put up a 13/152/2 stat line last week, has scored +9 points every week of the season and isn’t on the injury report, or take a flier on a WR that’s outside of the ECR top 40?
  12. I also just re-read your post, and unless he has absolutely terrible WRs, I think the squad with Jackson, CMC, Gordon and Jones would be the favorite.
  13. There’s no such thing as “should win your league.” In a 10 man league, my starting lineup was Mahomes, CMC, Barkley, Zeke, OBJ, Hilton and Kittle last year, and I didn’t even make the finals.
  14. I get that QBs are more valuable in your league, but a top 3-4 WR for Brees is absolutely ridiculous.
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