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  1. I hate this offense, jk should have been given the rock from the get go
  2. Well Radio station here in New Orleans, Bobby Hebert was on air during his segment he usually talks about how practice went, he said Winston looks like a 50% passer, Michael Thomas was looking around wondering who winston was throwing to. Basically he didn't look good at all from what he was saying
  3. Please let this nightmare stop, 2020 keeps on giving
  4. In my non keeper league he's been dropped already after last week, unless the ravens somehow get eliminated from the playoffs during the playoffs I may look his way once again
  5. Gus Edwards becomes a RFA next season, and next year will be Ingram's last year of his contract, could they part ways early? Trade? No one knows yet, I'm holding in my keeper league, Harbaugh is known not to give the bulk to a rookie RB.
  6. Keeper/dynasty leagues should be a hold, I believe in the talent, it is there, just not enough opportunity this year, next year should be very different
  7. Could cook potentially beat Tomlinson's record?
  8. Nice schedule, I think I might dump cam.and spend that #1 claim on him lol
  9. Would you spend your waiver claim on mike davis? Or any one else worthy of such claim position....
  10. Bucs getting those cheeks clapped, my brother started the saints defense lmfao, crazy mofo man
  11. Please god I hope he destroys this team from within, the amount of gratification that would give me
  12. I want to troll Chris simms on twitter for picking the bucs to win
  13. I'm surprised we haven't unleashed him yet with all the injuries at WR, I guess they are saving him
  14. Our Rookie TE, this is Cooks last year, he will be the replacement
  15. Let's go saints, my fantasy season has been a waste, now I can watch my team without any fantasy implications for the first time in a very long time Nvm I forget we go to the playoffs ,🤣🤣🤣
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