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  1. Y'all want to win a championship? pick up buck allen and put him in your flex against the Colts this week and laugh as you take down the money
  2. People are quick to ridicule when they think someone is completely wrong but offer nothing but silence when they are proven wrong .. cnewbybkkn bow down to your master bwahaha
  3. This guy was being touted as some kind of fantasy football savior when i told you all Buck Allen will dominate Woodhead in ppr leagues but was laughed at .. If your still alive in fantasy football and want to win pick up Buck Allen off the free agent list and start him and win your fantasy football championship
  4. They should just cut him now and let him have a chance with the Jags .. He played all year he is in game shape give him some time to learn the jags system before the playoffs start
  5. Woodhead will be useful if and only if Buck Allen gets injured .. Its reality fellas deal with it
  6. Woodhead will be useless down the stretch .. Buck Allen will be the guy trust me on that one
  7. Buck Allen is the back the Ravens trust the most he is in his prime and is having a career year but rotoworld rendered him "useless" once Woodhead suits up .. looks like they got smart and backed off those statements now saying its best to avoid this backfield
  8. When are you people gonna learn that in ppr buck allen is still the back to own in this back field? .. Rotoworld hyping woodhead for months now and proclaiming Buck Allen useless was a dead give away that Allen will be the most productive back down the stretch run
  9. forced to start 3 of these 4 .. Demarco Murray Joe Mixon Jamison Crowder Alf Morris .. who would you sit this week? thank you happy thanksgiving
  10. A whopping 20 to 1 to score the first TD of the game tonight .. I know its a long shot but i might have to throw a few bones on that one
  11. Yeah he throws in some decent games once in a while but go back watch all the Bengals games .. for the most part Dalton has looked like he doesnt have a clue how to be a nfl QB
  12. didn't Wilson have his jaw "reset" this week? .. sounds pretty awful hope it does not effect his play or makes him gun shy to scramble
  13. 8 TDs last year and 0 TDs this year have to think that changes soon
  14. "if Woodhead suits up, Allen would be rendered nearly useless in fantasy" .. i love how rotoworld is hyping the old man Woodhead and throwing Buck to the curb .. meanwhile Buck is quietly having a career year and has been very useful in ppr .. I would be a little more concerned about West returning but if Buck is available in your ppr league grab him now i have a feeling he could be the game changer your looking for down the stretch run of fantasy football
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