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  1. Thanks Davante Adams! WR2 went McLaurin>R Higgins>J Crowder
  2. What, no Crowder fans today? Drafted this guy for depth and didn't use him until yesterday. With Terry McScorin out and Brown's covid issues (they lost 2 LB's also) was just hoping for 10-15pts.
  3. I think we'll see Hunt line up at slot quite a bit tomorrow.
  4. He's got about 160 yds to break the Jags rookie RB rushing record, so there's that.
  5. He just popped up on injury report (ankle), did not practice today. Sounds like Haskins will play.
  6. Let's get John Brown back for the NE game and roll.
  7. Did I see 3 looks at the goal line, all same play? I also saw Huts get jumpy a few times when he could have dumped it off to Sanders. A lot of touches but very frustrating.
  8. Disappointing day, he had his opportunites though.
  9. What the hell. Is he banged up somehow? Can he not run full speed?
  10. https://www.espn.com/fantasy/football/story/_/id/30030792/how-espn-fantasy-football-handling-ravens-steelers-other-nfl-games-postponed-due-positive-coronavirus-tests Specific to the Ravens-Steelers game that has been postponed for a third time, now to Wednesday night, statistics will count toward Week 12 fantasy matchups and weekly waivers in advance of Week 13 will be delayed by two days. Extending the matchup period to account for Wednesday's scheduled game is a special exception, possible only because there is no Thursday night game in Week 13. Currently, there are 12 games on S
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