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  1. I hate the matchup this week, enough to bench him. I’m high on CEH, but I want no part of any RB other than the truly elite ones going up against that Tampa front. Did you guys see last nights game, Rams couldn’t get anything going on the ground. They went to the quick passing game, could definitely see KC doing the same.
  2. Id go Washington if I had to choose, but go with Packers or Rams ahead of them. Got to remember it is nearly December, playing in a dome like Dallas is going to favor the offenses.
  3. I would stay away from the Dallas game. There are some great options this week: Giants DST @ Cinci - No Burrow and terrible Oline Packers DST vs Chicago - Possibly no Foles or Trubisky. Chicago might have to play a third stringer. But even if Foles or Trubisky play, I think Packers are a solid start. My issue with them is they never play as well as they should. Rams vs SF - Mullens is starting, but SF might get Samuel and Mostert back. If Foles and Trubisky are out I’d probably put GB at the top. Then I’d go NYG. Rams defense is solid but I think SF is the most c
  4. I obviously forgot about him. But yeah, I’d go Claypool, Jefferson and then either Aiyuk or Pittman. I think Aiyuk’s numbers are a bit skewed because Samuel has been out.
  5. I like Pittman, but don’t see him getting any better than a WR3. The colts are a defensive team that want to run the ball. While he looks like the Colts WR1, Rivers still likes to spread the ball around. With the injury to Burrow, I have him as the second best rookie WR in fantasy behind Jefferson.
  6. Yeah I don’t get why he is practicing early in the week and then not practicing later in the week. No mention of setbacks. This entire situation is weird. Not sure I’ve seen one like this in fantasy football.
  7. Prosise is no more than a backup to give Johnson a break. Johnson still got 77% of the snaps, that’s about as high as it gets for a RB. It just comes down to what he can do with his touches.
  8. No news reports on him? It’s two days before the game. Do the lions reporters suck as bad as be lions?
  9. Yeah you take JRob in that trade. While I do agree the arrow is pointing way up for CEH, and we may eventually see his potential, there is still some unknown. While CEH is leading the backfield, he still isn’t playing in the two minute drill and Bell is still getting a handful of carries. Unless you are a Jags fan or own JRob, you probably don’t know how good he is. He is getting a ton of volume and doing well with it. If they can get Minshew back he is a RB1. I just prefer the security of JRob over some of the question marks that come with CEH.
  10. Allen and Herbert are a really nice pair if you have both. Allen plays Pitt in week 14. Herbert plays ATL in week 14. Allen plays at NE in week 16. Herbert plays Denver in week 16.
  11. Herbert will be the rookie of the year now that Burrow is hurt. He deserves it. I wouldn’t crown him just yet, but I’d be very excited if I were a Chargers fan. Their record is poor because the team is weak and the coach is usually responsible for at least won loss each season.
  12. He just isn’t a big TD guy. He really only plays in 3 WR sets, so a lot of those goal line formations he won’t be on the field. He will score more than he has because he is due, but he will always be a guy in the 5-7 TD range each season.
  13. Going to be hard not to start him unless you have way better options. He is going to get 15+ touches against a defense that can’t stop opposing RB’s. The one drawback with any RB on a team with a running QB is that they aren’t always first in line near the goal line. Watson probably has as good of a chance if not better than running a score in than the RB.
  14. Kind of a nightmare scenario this week. His usage is great but the line is terrible and for the most part, he is JAG. I think Detroit gives up the most fantasy points to opposing RB’s. Hopefully Tunsil is back this week.
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