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  1. I have Brees...but with going vs 49ers....do I grab Tannehill vs Oak? I know Ten is run heavy, but given the oak poor def and tough 49er def....Do I go with Tannehill?
  2. Take Anderson vs. CIN or Carson vs. MN Bit concerned with Carson and Penny...which way?
  3. Would you take a chance with Brees coming back or stick with Allen with poor weather in Buffalo?
  4. Pick 2 in PPR Golladay vs. NYG, JuJu vs. MIA, J.Brown(BUF), vs. PHI,
  5. I currently have Knox..Herdon out. So which TE...Its a PPR league. If it matters, I have Golladay and JuJu(but contemplating to staart J.Brown over JuJu) Also Brate and J.Hill are out there...
  6. Jimmy and CIN Def http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/687996-pick-3-wr-in-ppr/
  7. Tate vs. TB? D.Thomas vs. NYJ? Baldwin vs. JAX? Hogan vs. MIA? Shepard vs. DAL?
  8. PPR need 1 to start with Bell. Leaning towards Morris vs. NYG McKinnon vs. CAR J.Williams vs. CLE Go with Morris or another RB?
  9. I would grab CIN Def to have best chance at any big points and drop R.Smith
  10. I like Hogan as he is trusted by Brady and Gronk is out. Then also Gio as he will carry 20 times and can be successful. Worried that Gordon will be doubled as only threat for Cleveland.
  11. Tate vs. TB? Shepard vs. DAL? Hogan vs. MIA? D.Thomas vs. NYJ? Baldwin vs. JAX? C.Davis vs. ARZ?
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