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  1. yes, take the deal. Too many mouths to feed in ATL and they will never run the clock out with fear of blowing the game.
  2. I would do Hunt and Cooper for Jacobs and Kelley. Kelley is already getting work and Akers is still in a 3 man battle. And he is missing out of the battle because of an injury. Hunt is also dealing with a groin injury that will bother him the rest of the year. Thanks for help with mine.
  3. My League starters are: 1 QB, 2 RB, 2 WR, TE, 2 FLX My Team: QB: Prescott RB's: CEH, Sanders, Robinson, Henderson, Ingram, Bell WR's: Julio, Boyd, Diontae, Lamb TE: Ertz, Hurst I got offered Mixon and Evans for my Sanders. I was going to take the deal because I figured Sanders and Mixon would finish near each other. And Evans would give my WR a boost. But he also has Lockett and I was thinking should I counter with Lockett for sanders. Or should I just hold. Thanks in Advance. WHIR!!!
  4. 10 team league we start 2 wr 2 rb 2 flex my wides are Adams, Thomas, Thielen, Hilton my backs are cook, sanders, singletary, drake, thompson i got an offer of cook for Carson and Jones? Should I take it so I can have 2 legitimate backs. I tried moving my wides but no one wants to trade until week 5. I need to win now.
  5. Forget AJ. Get Crabtree. Stick with Dez after this week they get the Eagles. I believe that will be his biggest game. Wouldn't be surprised to see with over 200 yards.
  6. Try Martin for Crabtree. Crabtree schedule is awesome. Keep Hyde he has the potential to be pretty good ros. If you had to pickup someone humphries would be my choice. Evans targets have to go somewhere.
  7. So I am in a 10 Team half PPR 2 keeper league. We play 2 Rb's 3 WR's and 1 flex. I just received 2 trades from the same owner. I am really frustrated with hunt and my WR's. So do I make this trade. My team is Below. WHIR! QB: Brady RB: Hunt, Howard, Miller, Murray, Henry, Duke WR, Cooper, Crabtree, Sanders, Parker, Ju JU, Hogan TE: Gronk I will receive A.J. or Evans and Allen for my Hunt. Should I do this?
  8. So i just received this trade offer for Hunt. My team is below. Will this trade help or hurt my team? I Receive: Baldwin, Tyreek Hill, Joe mixon I give up: Hunt QB: Brady RB: Hunt RB: Cook WR: AJ Green WR: Crabtree WR: Hilton TE: Gronk Bench: Howard Sanders Crowder Crowell Graham Marshall
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