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  1. There are so many arguments against this. Kittle has 1000+ in 2/4 seasons. His other 2 seasons are in the 500s. Kelce has 1000+ in 5/7 season, and this year makes 5 in a row. His first two seasons were closer to 900 than they were 800. Kittle's 4 seasons combined he has 3511 yards and 14 tds. Yes, he didn't have great QBs but he was also not competing for targets with guys like Tyreek, Watkins, or even back to Jamaal Charles. I think the argument is backwards. SF literally also has no one else, they feed Kittle like crazy. Kelce's first 4 seasons he had 3900 yards and 22 t
  2. They were still in the playoff hunt. They weren't being cautious with him. Gruden was doing everything Gruden thought he should to win that game. Since week 7 his carries have been weirdly sporadic from single digit touches to 31. There were plenty of games where he was barely moving the ball for a number of reasons, but last night was not one of them and it's pretty baffling. And I get the scenario where you score a TD and leave time on the clock for the other team to score a TD. But the chances of them getting into field goal range statistically have to be much higher than them driving
  3. What are you talking about? Your argument was Allen's offseason work and improvement in accuracy is the reason this offense is doing so well, not because of the addition of Diggs. There are too many variables to say completion percentage represents Allen's improvement in accuracy. There is an actual statistic that measures his accuracy. On-target throws. It's a statistic that measures, well, if his throws are on-target. If they would have hit the receiver. How accurate he is throwing the ball. He's improved by 5% this year. It's better. Not magnitudes better. And even with that impro
  4. Completion percentage is not a measure of accuracy. It's a measure of how many times he threw the ball and people caught it. Guys catch balls all the time that are bad throws. Still contributes to completion percentage. Guys get intercepted and that affects completion percentage. The throw was accurate, they just got caught. Contested catches, especially those where they don't make the contested catch can affect completion percentage. So that contested ball was accurate, on the dot, the guy just didn't get it. Again, Allen's ON-TARGET throws have only improved 5%. That is a measure of acc
  5. All of you (me included) that grabbed the Browns for 15 and 16, are you worried after last night's game? They've given up 41 and 47 points the last two weeks and only one double digit fantasy points game since week 5.
  6. You can work on mechanics all you want, but if you don't have the right people to throw to you aren't going to improve. Allen is playing great. But you could also attribute his better play and higher completion percentage to Diggs presence. Diggs is getting 21% (134 targets) of Allen's pass attempts this year, and is catching 75% (100) of them. It's only through week 14. I don't think anyone disputes Diggs route running and ability to get open for the QB. The previous year the top two pass catchers in the entire offense were John Brown (72) and and Cole Beasley (67) who had catch pe
  7. I played someone this week that averaged 160 over the course of the whole season. Projections had me losing by 10 going into Sunday night if Diggs hit his projection. Pulled it out 197 to 167. He had Henry and Miles Sanders go off for 96 combined alone. Finally owning half the Bears offense (Robinson and Montgomery) is paying dividends, ha!
  8. Yes, I am still debating on playing them or moving to Carolina. The COVID issues are the only reason I haven't made the move. They didn't look good against the Bills at all and as a Chiefs fan who watched Smith for years, this is what he does. Protects the ball, doesn't lose you games. Gibson being out makes the matchup a little better but still a little worried about this. It's a toss up for sure! Scooped the Browns up for 15 and 16 if I can make it past this week.
  9. Yeah pretty weird. The transaction trends on yahoo have them high in my league. I picked up the 49ers but I've really been considering grabbing them instead. They've been creating turnovers and scoring a lot of fantasy points the past two games, had a bye week to prepare, and Lock is making a ton of mistakes. I'm not sure if the "experts" just call it on D/ST or what?
  10. Obviously it's never pleasant. But some guys can gut it out depending on severity. I think this is a good indicator that he's not going to be out there this week. I doubt he says this if it's a toss-up. But then again, it's pretty safe wording if he does gut it out. For someone playing him this week in a first round playoff, it's a bright spot! They haven't put him on IR though with 3 games left, so if you can make it through 14 to the playoffs (or in your playoffs depending on the league) it does seem to be somewhat positive. And now that I said this he's sure to feel better Thursday an
  11. Ugh. You've done your job. I'm at least not dropping him yet.. hah.
  12. Not trying to let someone else scoop him, but can't see myself pulling the trigger to toss him in there for the playoffs if he comes back 15 and/or 16. Tough to risk a championship on a guy coming back off injury, possibly rushed. Then again, TE is a wasteland so..
  13. The reason Tomlin played Conner in the first place was not because Tomlin is a good coach and thought Conner was his best option. He was a nobody, and he played him because Le'Veon Bell couldn't. People said the same thing about his ability to step in and here we are. DeAngelo Williams did it in Pittsburgh too. In 2019 Conner had 116 carries for 464 yards at 4.0ypc. Snell had 108 for 426 at 3.9ypc. Conner had more passing game work that year, but point being there is a long list of running backs who have thrived in Pittsburgh's system, including to a degree Benny Snell already.
  14. He's the best of both worlds. High floor guy with high ceiling potential also. You are right though. Pairing guys like this with the boom or bust types is smart roster construction. I think this year I personally went for too many high floor/low ceiling types that have kept me competitive, but lost me a few weeks because I haven't had those breakouts that would have put me over in a few games. Second in points in my league and was in 10th place only 2 weeks ago because I was consistently putting up points, but just under the other teams who all had crazy breakout guys against me every we
  15. I am willing to bet that is more of a result of easing Carson back in his first game back than an indication of future carries. It seems like Pete does like Hyde though, and I'm still holding on for now.
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