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  1. The entire covid protocol is bulllshit. I thought the cdc said it was mandatory to quarantine for 14 days. The f--- happened to that?
  2. Fitting because this really doesn’t look like much of a serious season at this point either
  3. The thing I’ll never understand with the name controversy is do people really think an owner named his franchise in a derogatory manner? Like why would someone name their team something demeaning? Rather, the name redskins just like Indians was a homage to native Americans and showing respect to them imo. why would you name your team anything other than a name you were proud of?
  4. VIKINGS 24 Niners 20 RAVENS 31 Titans 24 CHIEFS 34 Texans 17 PACKERS 20 Hawks 17
  5. How about Higbee. I bet he will be written off by a lot of folks as a guy who just produced the last couple of games with Everett down so they will think he was a fluke.
  6. What makes you say that? Kelce, ertz and Kittle have proven track records, and most of the guys on the list are fresh faces who have shown they can ball
  7. and you forgot andrews, engram, Goedert (if ertz moved), Herndon if he can get right, and guys who I’m sure will be billed as potential second year breakouts in Fant, Smith and Hockenson.
  8. DJ Moore who was already pretty dam good this year manages to find the end zone a bit more next year. Zac Pascal Hunter renfrow - Julian Edelman lite Mostert
  9. yes but he’s like the tyreke hill of rbs. He can single handedly win you a week but the floor is practically nothing
  10. I think your sleeping on josh Jacobs and Mixon if they improve that o line a bit. Could also see lev bell bouncing back with a new squad
  11. What a crazy year. Zero notable WW rb adds, but instead it was career bust D Parker being the hands down WW pickup of the year with career journeyman fitz leading people to the ship. Historically great seasons from Lamar, CMC and Mike thomas For me thou I will never forget Tyler Boyd, who I held throughout the year, absolutely blowing up this past weekend and winning me that ship!
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