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  1. Yea that was last season, never logged in on my Mac this year...all mobile. However my final roster was much different than my original.
  2. True, but a win is a win. And in Fantasy 2020 I’ll take it and the big cash pot for the 4th year in a row.
  3. Murray Chubb Carson Adams Ridley Jefferson Kupp Tucker Miami D
  4. Has he been getting slowly worked back in and spelled to be healthy for Weeks 16+? Tough run D obviously, but if Ramsey slows DK again...
  5. If you don’t roster DA then no reason to be on this thread. If you do, then follow your own lead and keep your feelings to yourself. What exactly is the purpose of bashing DA owners which is exactly what you are doing.
  6. So no Thomas for the fantasy semi’s and finals. Just a hunch, but I see Murray getting double digit carries as Kamara goes almost exclusively WR...against bad rush D’s. Could be sneaky end of year killer.
  7. PPR Both teams likely to feature run heavy approaches as sizable favorites. Kupp v Jets Hilton v Texans
  8. Schefter said this morning Williams likely out and Allen iffy. Now he is saying both playing on snap counts.
  9. So...recent run on running, though playing a horrible defense against the pass, in what is likely a double digit win. They have a big test against the Seahawks next week and may look to just secure a W and get home.
  10. Awfully quiet. The matchup is juicy at worst, but the young man has struggled as of late. Starting over the guy who got me here, Kyler Murray, and hoping they get back to K Allen and less dump offs.
  11. Reynolds got out snapped by Jefferson last week. I think Gilmore tends to stick to a side, no? Kupp being predominantly out of the slot is the upside. Unless they run a lot of 12-personnel sets again then Kupp gets one of the two darn good CB’s.
  12. Quiet thread for a guy being ranked in the top ten RB’s in PPR this week.
  13. Full point PPR Kupp vs NE (TNF) Gaskin vs KC
  14. Banged up Murray in great matchup Herbert in great matchup
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