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  1. JT is a freaking stud, so happy to have him in dynasty.
  2. He was an absolute target hog this year and paid dividends from his 8th-9th round ADP. Looking forward to 2021, could see him being initially slotted in as a 4th rounder. Big questions to be answered: - Does Ben finally call it a career? On record, he said that his plan is to play next season. His accuracy/arm looked abysmal during their 3-game skid, but had a good outing yesterday. I think their playoff performance will be telling of his future. - With JuJu set to become an UFA and most likely gone, does this hurt DJ in terms of heightened coverage? - Can he addre
  3. Two rants: In one league, Nick Chubb and Kareem Hunt decided to disappear against NYG of all teams...now need Diontae to score 25 which is probably a pipe dream. In another, lose out on Jalen Hurts in waiver priority (Y! cash league that doesn't use FAAB - yikes I know) to the 3rd seed. He doesn't even start Hurts. Ended up having to start Derek Carr (lol).
  4. This dude is way too good to be dropping the ball like that.
  5. Fking Gallman and Robinson get absolutely robbed seriously…
  6. Unfortunately, it's looking like a wrap for Boyd this season. Recency bias may depress his ADP for next year at least.
  7. Absolute crock of **** that he has TE eligibility.
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