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  1. Granted the season is over for my team that has him, but I will be benching him for Dede Westbrook.
  2. Fantasy football stopped counting QB Neils when O'Donnell and Lomax retired.
  3. I am starting him with Mike Evans out. I see him as a boom/bust option. Not for the faint of heart.
  4. FWIW, DEN was dropped in my 10-teamer and left on the wire. I took a look and passed. I guess everybody else did, too.
  5. Jordy always has been unusually TD dependent relative to his scoring. I think there is legitimate concern that his value is considerably diminished. Let's say we project him to average 7/70/.33 or 9 fantasy points per game (standard). That is still a very useful WR2, but not the elite 13 points per game we have enjoyed so far this season.
  6. Going back and forth on benching him for Jarvis Landry this week (non-PPR). That's right about where I see his value until Hundley shows us otherwise.
  7. Dolphins have not been good. Titans will try to grind it out, and they may succeed. I see the Fins as a safe but fairly low-ceiling option.
  8. Also starting Eagles, but without much confidence. They should get some sacks and perhaps pressure a few turnovers, but the damaged secondary has been bleeding points.
  9. Inactives announced... nothing of interest re: TB backfield.
  10. I agree the ceiling is around 15, barring two TD plunges. I think the floor is much lower due to uncertainty about usage--I'll call it 4. Like JrsKars I'm deciding between Martin and Gore for my RB2. I'd call Martin a high ceiling/low floor option. I think sit/start questions for him this week come down to risk tolerance and how badly you need a big game from from your RB2 slot.
  11. Agreed. The nugget that stood out to me was that the team never fully committed to Rodgers in the first place. Sims has always been listed as co-starter on the first team. Maybe it throws a little shade on the notion that the coaching staff loves Rodgers and will make Martin earn his way back. But then reading depth charts is not much better than reading tea leaves.
  12. Not that it means anything, but the Bucs have not updated their official depth chart. Rodgers and Sims are still currently listed as co-starters. It is at least a little interesting that Rodgers never earned the full starter label in Martin's absence.
  13. Good lord, this pissing contest is tiresome. I see one semi-useful post in the last three pages. Let's stay tuned for some actual news.
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