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  1. Overreaction Monday: Yes Regular Monday: Probably
  2. I think Covid rules would prevent him joining the team right away so probably not until week 10
  3. I didn’t watch the game so I don’t know but coming in cold in the middle of the game when you haven’t practiced with the ones usually isn’t ideal. Super talented dudes may be able to make it work but Keenum is not that. That being said maybe with a week of preparation he can be solid against a bad defense. Plus I think Stephanski was his OC when he was doing well in Minnesota a few years back.(not 100% sure about that one so maybe someone can fact check me)
  4. Just picked this dude up in a trade thinking that if they switch over to Keenum he actually might be able to get the ball to him. Maybe it’s wishful thinking but I think the squeaky wheel gets the grease this weekend. Great matchup against the Bengals too.
  5. JJo can’t cover Cooks. He’s too fast for him. He’s going to burn him at least a handful of times so it just depends on if Watson can get him the ball. This isn’t a matchup you shy away from, this is one you target.
  6. I don’t think anyone thinks that the target share will be the same. The value here comes from the fact that he has one of the best to ever do it throwing to him in a high powered offense that has a glaring hole at the number two pass catching spot. Lazard is out and MVS is just not it so if he can fill that hole he will be money.
  7. So anybody know what happened? I get they’re getting healthy but to drop off the rotation that much?
  8. I think this is spot on(although I’ll admit I did expect more early on). I believe he’s a low end asset that’s rosterable. He’s essentially Satoransky 2.0. I’m considering dropping for a second half breakout candidate.
  9. Luke should still be on the radar though just in case he comes back in the next week or two. In the meantime, who we going with boys? Svi or Brown?
  10. Stats and minutes look pretty good midway through the 3rd. If him and Wood are sharing the court I might be in
  11. Stats look pretty good today but minutes seem to be low. Worth a hold still?
  12. Got a clue about who the rockets player could be. He wears the same number as someone on the team and will probably have to switch it. Maybe y’all can help me figure it out.
  13. Could be bad info but I just read that the rockets made a move that hasn’t been announced yet
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