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  1. So far in the sleepers thread were getting claims of 1/1/1 and "Kahwi lite" BBM has him in the same SF "tier" as Ingles, Barnes, Warren, Ingram, Fourier and Hollis Jefferson. Also calling him a top 100 lock. What should we expect this year?
  2. Interesting discussion. I note that BBM has Taurien Prince in the same "tier" as Ingles interestingly enough.
  3. Into the deeper rounds and I need a SF. Ingles, Marvin Williams, Hood and Richardson, Aminu all available... Are we expecting a big jump for ingles this year? Can Williams provide boards and 1/1/1 this year?
  4. Schroeder is best of the lot imo. He will be the man in Atlanta. Here's a question - Brogdon or Murray???
  5. Who are sleepers for assists in the mid-late rounds? I've started with Jokic, Whiteside, Nurkic and Schroeder (in this order, 14 team 9 cat). Even though I've gone 3 bigs to start I feel like I could still target assists given Jokic is going to give me great dimes from the big spot and maybe some value from Nurkic as well (3 a game as a Blazer last year).
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