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  1. Which position does Gase play? Is he a new hot receiver or something? I better see if he's still available on Waivers...
  2. How sad this guy is never talked about,,,Very telling.... I realize he has been dreadful this year, but its the Cowboys this week. Any takers?
  3. I am glad I have Aaron Rogers, I am sure he'll have a wonderful day. Especially if the Falcons are blowing a lead again....
  4. So, let me see here..is the Eagles Defense really this good?...or did Mullens help them look that way?
  5. Time to drop...of course as soon as we do he'll start having record breaking days....
  6. Major 'Bench Burn' today...Hey, has anyone coined that phrase yet? I think it would fit in FF. I started AJ Green over Keenan Allen, but who knew that new stud QB would show up over Taylor. So I guess I should be given a pass...
  7. The More INT's Jones throws will hurt his value.
  8. My Jaw dropped at his line today...Should he be fired up next week?
  9. He looked leaps and bounds better than Brady, what an Upgrade!
  10. Very worried after his performance tonight. Might be droppable next week.
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