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  1. Me to. Guy also had Kelce. I’m not even mad. There was nothing I can do but sit and watch. At least it ended early.
  2. All my WR's are trash as of now but this guy is the juice of the trash left behind.
  3. Gurley single handily handing me a 2nd place finish. I thought he let it all out last Sunday. I’d be in decent position if he could’ve got 17 points like a normal person
  4. Anyone starting? 12 targets last week and had a couple shots at the end zone
  5. I’m in need of high ceiling players to overcome my projections but I’ll leave that to the rest of my guys. I’ll take the 17.40 points.
  6. Josh Gordon will have 100+ yard and a TD bank on it.
  7. Flacco vs. IND/T.Taylor@NE Hyde vs.Jax/Gallman @ AZ/ Demarco Vs LAR / Mike Davis @ DAL< Pick 1 as I have Drake in the other RB spot. AJG vs DET / J.Gordon@CHI / Jeffery vs.OAK < Pick 2
  8. Anyone thinking about starting? He looked good last week and NE just came off a huge win. NE could come out the gates a bit sluggish.
  9. I think it's pretty simple. If you're projected to lose big then you start Gordon because of the ceiling. Vice versa you bench him because of a potential dud.
  10. This dude is all for Fantasy Football. I expect a big game from Gronk!
  11. Yup. If i didn't have a flex option i would plug him in. My flex is not set it and forget it type situation though but I gotta roll with Mike Davis
  12. Lafell is a better play then AJ. Just my 2 cents
  13. I think Mack is a sneaky play. Gore just had 30+ touches and they're on a short week.
  14. I traded away kamara for Demarco and Alshon fml
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