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  1. As much as I love my boy, unfortunately I'm going to have to bench him this week with other better matchups (blessed with RBs in Henry, Jones, Akers). I just don't see the game script working out well...it's a very tough decision and I hate to not play him though.
  2. I wouldn't be so optimistic lol. This team is bad.
  3. Try again? There are only 5 spots available.
  4. Semi-finals are here! ESPN Scoring, full point PPR. Already have Derrick Henry as a shoe in for one of my RB spots. Help with others? RB: Derrick Henry vs. Detroit RB: ? WR: ? WR: ? FLEX: ? TE: ? Aaron Jones vs. Carolina Kareem Hunt @ NYG James Robinson @ Baltimore Cam Akers vs. NYJ Jeff Wilson Jr. @ Dallas Allen Robinson @ Minnesota Robert Woods vs. NYJ Diontae Johnson @ Cincinnati Robert Tonyan vs. Carolina Dallas Goedert @ Arizona
  5. Wrong. He is staying on my bench and I'm winning the championship. He will rot and be forced to look at my trophy that he didn't help win!
  6. Let's just hope those TD's keep coming or else it would be a lot tougher to trust him. But TE is a wasteland so not much better options.
  7. Everyone's thoughts on him going forward after yesterday's game with Hurts instead of Wentz?
  8. My heart is torn....bleed teal but also a Derrick Henry owner.
  9. I've got this same dilemma if I can grab Hurts on waivers tomorrow.
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