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  1. Really the only thing scaring me about starting him today is TNF
  2. I’m not a football wizard but to me you gotta throw the ball and if your WR’s can’t run their routes you throw to the route that takes the shortest time to develop. Again I don’t know what I’m talking about.
  3. You guys are out of your mind to start him this week....I like it
  4. Floor is pretty high but I would also argue that he has a pretty high ceiling as well especially this week. What are the chances Mixons injury goes beyond this week?
  5. Yeah trying to find out. Joshua Kelley still on waivers.
  6. My commissioner made it 4 bench spots instead of 5. His reasoning is more playable players on the wire instead of expanding the amount bench spots and everyone hoarding all the decent players. Pros and cons
  7. What kind of coverage are opposing teams throwing at him? Are teams more focused on Moore or Anderson?
  8. so tough. Sitting at 2-3 Current Rb’s: Aaron Jones Cmac(injured) Montgomery Damien Harris Current QB: Herbert Stafford
  9. That’s the ceiling. Avoiding at all costs
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