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  1. OSU grad. Ive watched every Dobbins game at Ohio State. I have zero worries about him. He is the best back ive seen at Ohio State in my lifetime other than Zeke. He was absolutely ridiculous last year. In a different year, he could have won the Heisman with the #s he put up, especially against elite opponents. Also, a 5* recruit out of Texas so he also has elite pedigree. Works his a** off, great kid, great attitude. Rarely if ever goes down on first contact. Whenever it happens, he will blow up and blow up big. Id buy all shares in dynasty.
  2. Hes had 7, 8, and 9k games in his first three starts bro
  3. Everything out of here in Milwaukee says that Burnes will be in the pen for the rest of this season. Beyond that is anyone’s guess, however I’d assume he’ll be in the rotation.
  4. Beyond the analytics, I like this kids makeup a lot. Looks comfortable, poised, in command up there. Has shut down some good bats in high leverage situations. Lots to like here.
  5. Can someone please lock this thread? It is shameless self-promotion and has nothing to do with the spirit of this forum.
  6. This is just ridiculous
  7. Man have you guys ever taken a basic health/anatomy class? That “muscle flipping” is a good sign. It means the calf is relaxed and attached. If it was an Achilles the muscle would’ve rolled up and contracted immediately.
  8. Lol that is soooo not true. You could literally see Jabari’s knee explode when he landed
  9. Dude, I get it but how can you be upset? He's already pitched more innings this year than he has all of last year and he has a substantial injury history. The Dodgers are playing for a World Series, not a roto championship.
  10. I agree man, that damn thing can mess up a swing for real. I was just so stoked for the possibility of Ozuna, Stanton, Judge, Thames, but I can't complain. Stanton/Judge is what we all really want to see anyway.
  11. I agree, I have always liked Wood, but I had yet to watch him this year. The box score doesn't tell the whole story. I saw a lot of confidence from him up there.
  12. So disappointing this guy isn't in the HR derby and Bour is. smdh
  13. It would be foolish to steal with this Astros lineup. Just ain't worth it. Every bag he gets is straight icing on the cake.
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