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  1. I don’t mind it due to your situation, can you get a small WR upgrade out of them too?
  2. So the 49ers are so banged up this year that they aren’t as scary as you think. Do not sit Russell ever, if your ever thinking of it, trade him for positional players. Seattle’s defense is so bad Russell is forced to cook every game. I’m fine with you blocking Wentz for a small price but don’t feel inclined to play him.
  3. I like the trade, you will never get Zeke this cheap again. Gordon / Lindsay is kind of a headache, especially since they can’t suspend him til his court is complete. I just bought Zeke/Pollard for M Thomas/J Jackson myself.
  4. I love the bridgewater matchup but Brady’s ceiling is too high not too start.
  5. 12 team ppr I’m 3-4 8th place QB D. Watson RB E. Elliott RB J. Robinson WR T. Lockett WR AJ Brown TE G. Kittle FX AJ Green DF Tampa Bay K W. Lutz BN: M. Sanders BN: T. Pollard BN: J. White BN: K. Cole BN: D. Slayton BN: T. Bridgewater I need to win this week, so do I take J Jefferson / Melvin for my Miles / AJ Green? I will have to start J. White as my RB2 if I don’t deal with Miles most likely out. My opponent is 4-3 right ahead of me with a strong team.
  6. I just got Zeke for Thomas straight up, people are in a panic with him. I would grab zeke, theres no way he scores that low all year.
  7. Honestly your best bet is to deal Allen and keep Lamar, Sell high, your not going to get what Lamar should be worth but rest of season they will score similar. Allen just went for Mixon straight up in one of my leagues which you would have laughed at 3 weeks ago. Target Drake over Mixon if your selling Allen. Get rid of OBJ over Woods if your trying to make a bigger deal even though you have Kupp.
  8. I think you can do better then an injured upside back, Ertz without Goedert will be valuable and Boyd is getting volume out of the slot. Aim a little higher.
  9. Hit accept fast, I don’t even think it’s a close trade. Deebo and Hockenson might not even start in a 10 team.
  10. I’d go with the cook side, Jonnu looks like a breakout. As big as hopkins is, mixon looks lost in that offense.
  11. 12 team .5 3-0 Give: Wilson / OBJ Get: Lamar / Julio After trade team would be: QB: L. Jackson RB: D. Henry RB: D. Johnson WR: D. Adams WR: J. Jones TE: M. Andrews FLEX: K Allen BN: D. Singletary,J. Edelman, J White, M. Gisecki, A. Jeffrey , D Henderson
  12. I love the deal, AJ Brown is injured as well and out. Sutton has a shot to play. Kittle / Thomas will push you into the playoffs as long you stay afloat.
  13. Start your stud with DJ, it took a little time for bridgewater to get Michael Thomas going last year too but he’s pretty accurate.
  14. Do not trade that, Hines will command a lot of value in the ekelar role for rivers. Grab Lock for upside and weather the storm til those chumps have to drop QBs to fill their needs. Every QB they hold it a quality player on the WW.
  15. I’m going with Paris and gordon with Lindsay out, I couldn’t get myself to sit gordon.
  16. The league drafted super tight around RBs and was trading super tight, tried to get a buy low on one that can be in the top 10.
  17. I would try to get something small with the deal that is useful but I like the idea. What TE is he using?
  18. Click it fast if it’s up from the other party, Conner is going to be in splitsville with Snell now.
  19. As far as trade 1 I’d only be doing that for Zeke, while CEH got volume, Zeke destroys him in the Receiving game. I’d also be looking for something with Zeke, a slight upgrade or a lottery ticket. If hopkins gets volume like that he might be worth the same as CEH alone.
  20. Full PPR / 12 Team / 0-1 Sent: Tyreek / R. Wilson Got: M. Sanders / C. Sutton League went full out backs at draft leaving me grabbing best values. QB: Dak RB: M Sanders RB: David Johnson WR: T Lockett WR: C Kupp TE: Goedert Flex: Sutton BN: Michael Thomas, N Hines, S Shepard, J Kelley, James Robinson, Jonnu Smith, Duke Johnson Was sitting on 2 QBs since people left them alone had to do something to get a back, let me know what ya think.
  21. Yea Ingram is the flipside of Gibson, he should start strong before ceding carries to dobbins while Gibson could take some time to heat up. Not a bad team, the WRs should carry a bit.
  22. I have been leaning Zeke lately at the two spot, the cowboys offense will score a lot of TDs. While Barkley will be a workhorse, Zeke will be more Consistent with points. As much as I like Thomas, I don’t consider him until the 5-6 spot when you have to take Dalvin’s injury risk on.
  23. Basically went in with the 6 pick looking to take a back, Thomas was there. The entire draft took RBs for the first 5 rounds, I was forced to take best available players and not let certain players drop to others dirt cheap. A lot of teams have huge holes but are not budging on trading before the season starts. I have some good trade firepower on the bench but am screwed at RB to start. Let me know what ya think. 12 Team PPR QB: Dak Prescott RB: David Johnson RB: Marlon Mack WR: Michael Thomas WR: Tyreek Hill TE: Mike Gisecki Flex: Cooper Kupp
  24. 12 Team, PPR, 2-2 QB: Tom Brady RB: Leveon Bell RB: Isaiah Crowell WR: AJ Green WR: Brandin Cooks FLEX: Davante Parker TE: Eric Ebron BN: Gio, Lacy, Collins, Kupp, Amendola, Luck I have been offered: Melvin Gordon and Alshon or Fitzgerald For My AJ Green What you guys think? At this point I've been starting Gio over Crowell as my RB2. Also Alshon or Fitz? close for me.
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