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  1. I am interested in the other team. Very active owner. Been playing for over 18 yrs. chris_buitenbos@outlook.com
  2. Very interested. Very avid owner. Been playing fantasy baseball for 10 yrs. chris_buitenbos@outlook.com
  3. Very interested. Been playing fantasy football for 18 yrs. chris_buitenbos@outlook.com
  4. Very interested and active. chris_buitenbos@outlook.com
  5. Very interested. Experienced player. chris_buitenbos@outlook.com
  6. I am very interested. Big nascar fan. chris_buitenbos@outlook.com
  7. I am very interested. Very active owner and always looking to rebuild projects. chris_buitenbos@outlook.com
  8. I'll take the Kings. Very active owner. chris_buitenbos@outlook.com
  9. Interested in this team. Very active fantasy owner. chris_buitenbos@outlook.com
  10. Interested if there’s any spots left chris_buitenbos@outlook.com
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