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  1. Hey guys I have a late start 9 cat H2H drafting this Sunday at 5 pm Est. All money handled through leaguesafe. League will be through Yahoo. Payouts are 100 800 200 And 200 to regular season first and second each https://basketball.fantasysports.yahoo.com/nba/244053/invitation?key=1cf34cbbaab64e84&ikey=4e74be07d40e9ed5
  2. Hey guys we need 4 more for a Yahoo pro league $500 Starting here very soon at 10 am central time. Hopefully this gets filled!!
  3. Looking for drafts during the day tomorrow. No roto leagues. Thanks!
  4. Trades will be commish veto. If I get 5 written statements on message board why a trade should be vetoed then it will be vetoed. I'm sure some of you guys have played in my leagues over the years and know that they always run smoothly this way. If a team stops setting his team I reserve the right to set that team for the person to keep everything fair for everyone. We will have a Covid plan in place, which i will post in separate thread. Payouts will 1st $12002nd $6003rd $200And $200 to regular season first and second in points each.
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