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  1. Hello, This is for a a 0.5 PPR league. I need to win this week to get into the playoffs, so I'm mainly concerned about this week. You only need to start 1 RB, 2 WR, and 2 Flex in this league, so the positions don't really impact my lineup. Should I trade my: Ben Roethlisberger A.J Green I.Crowell (Not starting this week, so I don't care about him) To Receive: C.Wentz L.Miller (Should I be concerned about his health?) I'm not too concerned if the other team is getting the better overall deal. I just want the
  2. Anyone worried about the injury here? He tends to wear down as the season wears down and was DNP at practice today. (I don't know if he's usually DNP on Wednesday practices thou via vet's rest)
  3. Why am I having such a hard time dropping this guy?
  4. How bad is the weather at Lambeau right now? Any insight from the GB fans?
  5. I agree with Kearse. 2nd would be Shepard. If you need upside I would go with Shepard as he could be a sneaky play, just risky since he was limited in practice as well. (but does look like he'll play) Thanks on mine.
  6. From reading that the biggest risk I see in that data is: James White is still the pass catching back, Lewis is really not being used in the backfield that much Postiive trends: Inscrease in snap count each week Increase in overall touches every week Rex is back, but it actually looks like Rex's snaps may actually eat into White's snaps more than anyone elses (which comes as a bit of surprised until I reviewed the data 2nd time)
  7. Here are the NE RB snap/targets/touches breakdowns week 1-6 Snaps Targets Touches Player Pos Tm G W1 W2 W3 W4 W5 W6 Snaps Snap % W1 W2 W3 W4 W5 W6 TGTs TGTs/G TGTS/Snaps W1 W2 W3 W4 W5
  8. Hello, I'm pretty deep at RB, and considering making this trade to to give my team more value later in the season. Should I make this trade? I receive: Amari Cooper Trevor Siemian (Dak is my QB1) I give: Derrick Henry Carson Palmer As always post your thread and I will make sure to reply. Here is the league in question: 4-2 Record - 14 Team 0.5 PPR league (1QB, 2RB, 2WR, 1TE, 1Flex, K, Def, 5 Bench) QB - D.Prescott, C.Palmer RB - K.Hunt, M.Ingram, A.Kamara, D.Henry, Da.Johnson WR - D.Bry
  9. I agree with staying on Jones here, moving forward Chris Thompson shouldn't have a ton of value in non-PPR leagues IMO. In a 1/2 point or full point PPR I would take Thompson. If you have time:
  10. It's not a sexy answer, but I'm going to Ricardo Louis here. I know some people are bitter about R.Higgins, but Louis is the clear cut #WR1 in Cleveland for the last 3 weeks. Last 3 week snap% 74,86,76 Targets for last 3 weeks: 6,9,8 Mike is obviously the lottery ticket here, but IMO it's going to take an injury for him to become relevant (which could happen) If you have time for mine:
  11. I'm going Kamara here. Kamara's Snap% since week 2 - 26,29,35. I expect him to be ~40 this week He's also averaging 7 targets a game. Targets since week 2: 7,5,10 What I'm trying to say is that I think Kamara is probably a safe play and his floor is probably pretty high moving forward. If you have time: http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/675667-akamara-mingram-sshepard-for-esanders-wgallman-wsmallwood-whir-100/?tab=comments#comment-7440511
  12. Amendolla, Thomas and T.Coleman in flex IMO. I can make a case for Amendolla/Snead/Fuller as your WR2. The other two are solid IMO. It's also close between Coleman and Ellington for the flex. Help on mine if you can: http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/675667-akamara-mingram-sshepard-for-esanders-wgallman-wsmallwood-whir-100/?tab=comments#comment-7440511
  13. I wouldn't target either Hyde or Jeffery. They are both IR's waiting to happen. Just pass on this completely IMO instead of trying to force it. Help on mine if you find time: http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/675667-akamara-mingram-sshepard-for-esanders-wgallman-wsmallwood-whir-100/?tab=comments#comment-7440511
  14. Yeah I'm going for this and I don't value QB's very highly. McKinnon is likely a Flex level play moving forward with likely a 60/40 carry split. If you have time on mine: http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/675667-akamara-mingram-sshepard-for-esanders-wgallman-wsmallwood-whir-100/?tab=comments#comment-7440511
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