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  1. Minutes will be limited permanently moving forward as per Rotoworld. Are you guys looking to trade Horford or still a keep?
  2. I really hope he can keep it up to make up for the inconsistencies.
  3. Iirc, last year Otto sucks when Wall was out cos Beal doesn't look for him, no?
  4. Definitely a 3ptm streamer in 10-teamers. He's a good add for next week coz TOR has games for tues and thurs (few games) For 12-teams, he's an end of bench glue guy IMO
  5. How is he so far? Are his teammates lookin for him when hes open?
  6. You guys think horford is a hold for long term or must sell for the first part of the season? If i remember correctly, he was mostly injured or underperformed last year postASB/fantasy playoffs. Thoughts?
  7. Lavine straight up and Murray straight up. Declined Murray, Im tempted with LaVine offer LOL
  8. I got buy-low offers rn.. So tempting to hit accept. didn't know Jrue would be this awful damn...
  9. I thought he had 5blks? Only seeing 4 right now. Nooooo
  10. Man... I still think Dipo can improve from last season tho. Just a slow start. Patience
  11. Hoping he could be more consistent at the line.
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